Jeopardy takes a stab at the Detroit Lions

If you’re a fan of the Detroit Lions, you know how their 2018 season is going.

They’re 4-7 and on the verge of missing the playoffs for the second straight season. Jim Caldwell lost his job after posting three winning seasons in his four seasons as head coach of the Lions.

Matt Patricia was brought in with intentions of making this team better. So far, it’s been a series of one step forward then five steps back.

Last night, the popular network game show Jeopardy decided to take it’s turn at going after the failures of the Detroit Lions.

The question was under the category, “Predictions by 2030”. I now have a question for Lions fans out there. Would you be happy if they won a Super Bowl by 2030? Do you see it happening by then?

I have a simple request. Many of you probably have had the same thought a time or two. Give me just one championship before I die.

Even that might be asking for too much.