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Cannabis Expo Coming To Grand Rapids

Calling all pot lovers! Or hey even if you’re just someone who wants to learn about pot. There will be a West Michigan Cannabis Expo. It’s held at the DeltaPlex this October 5 & 6, prices for tickets not announced yet.  MORE

Pothole Fixes Man’s Rapid Heartbeat

Potholes may be the bane of drivers’ existence, but for one Nebraska man, a missing chunk of asphalt wound up saving his life last week. With his heart racing to 200 beats per minute, paramedics near Omaha rushed the 59-year-old to the hospital. As the ambulance’s tire hit the hole, the first responders say his…MORE

Here’s How You Protect Your YouTube Privacy

If you’re a Youtuber that wants to keep certain things about your life private there are some steps to take, to make sure this happens. First, hide your video preferences in settings. Next, turn off or customize your personalized ads setting to gain control of the ads you do and don’t want to see. After…MORE

Led Zeppelin Launches “History Of Led Zeppelin” Web Series

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin’s sophomore album, the legendary rockers have released a web series focusing on everything you’d want to know about the band. The premiere episode of “History of Led Zeppelin” is out now, which takes a look at the recording of their groundbreaking debut LP in 1968, completed in…MORE

Grand Opening Of The Friesian Gastro Pub

We aren’t called beer city for no reason! Another gastro pub is coming to Grand Rapids on the Medical Mile Corridor in The Lord’s Chapel building.  The grand opening will be today, April 17 from 11-11:30 AM with a private event and will be open to the public later that day at 1 PM. Their food…MORE

Michigan Picks Buttered Popcorn AGAIN As The Favorite Jelly Bean Flavor

Easter is just around the corner so of course the most important question has to be asked…what’s our states favorite jelly bean flavor… duh For the second year in a row buttered popcorn has run away with the win as the favorite flavor in our state. The survey is conducted by  they gather the data by…MORE

Study Says Men With Beards Have More Germs Than Dogs

Bad news for men with beards. According to a study if you have a beard you have more germs than a dog. To come to this conclusion researchers tested men’s facial hair against dog hair from different breeds and found a higher bacterial load in a beard than in dog fur. There were some men…MORE

GR Wheelchair Athlete Finishes 4th In Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon took place yesterday and one of our own took 4th place in the Wheelchair division of the race! Matthew Chaffee from Grand Rapids crossed the finish line with a time of 1:13:36. That’s an average of 2:48 per mile (aka crazy fast) To train Chaffee spent at least three hours per day on his training…MORE

Is It “Doughnut” Or “Donut”?

You’ve seen it written both “doughnut” and “donut,” but why is Homer Simpson’s favorite food spelled two different ways? Despite being made from dough, Twitter user @Molly_Jackson learned from nearly 6,000 votes on a poll she took that “donut” is preferred. The Daily Meal investigated and uncovered the book, “Peck’s Bad Boy and His Pa”…MORE

Tiger Woods Won The Masters His First Major in Over 10 Years

In case you missed the HUGE news in sports this past weekend Tiger Woods is back. He won the Masters at 13 under par. It was his first victory in a Major tournament since he won the U.S. Open in June of 2008. This was also Tiger’s 15th major title, and he’s now just three…MORE