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Tom Cruise Surprises Comic-Con Fans with ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Trailer

Approximately 8,000 people attending San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday got the surprise of their lives when Tom Cruise showed up with a trailer to the upcoming “Top Gun” sequel. The fans were actually attending a panel for “Terminator: Dark Fate” when Cruise walked onto the stage to a deafening roar. He told the crowd all…MORE

Florida Carjacker Caught Because he can’t Drive Stick Shift

A Florida man is behind bars after trying to steal a car he didn’t know how to drive. Orlando resident Jaelyn Alexander, 25, faces auto theft charges in connection with the incident, which occurred Tuesday in Orange County, sheriff’s officials say. Alexander reportedly approached an elderly man who was putting his walker in his trunk…MORE

Is Dave Grohl Joining Rush As The Drummer?

Last month, Dave Grohl was spotted driving Geddy Lee to a music festival outside Toronto. Of course, that got Rush fans talking. After all, the band needs a drummer these days. Despite what whispers you may have heard, the Foo Fighters frontman isn’t auditioning to take Neil Peart’s place behind the kit. Speaking to the Talkin’ Rock podcast,…MORE

Man Behind ‘Storm Area 51’ Comes Forward; Says it was Meant to be a Joke

As nearly 3 million enthusiastic supporters rallied behind a call to storm Area 51 over the past three weeks, at least one person watched the out-of-control plan unfold with horror: Matty Roberts, the guy behind the original Facebook post. Roberts, a California resident, says he created the page “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All…MORE

Howard Stern Says O.J. Simpson Shouldn’t Be Allowed on Twitter

Howard Stern says O.J. Simpson shouldn’t be allowed on Twitter. During a radio interview with Kim Goldman, the sister of Ron Goldman who was killed alongside Nicole Brown in 1994, Stern said he was “triggered” by Simpson’s Twitter feed. Whats happening in America!!! — O.J. Simpson (@TheRealOJ32) July 17, 2019 “When someone kills your…MORE

David Crosby Pushes For CSN&Y Reunion

David Crosby is open to reuniting with his former bandmates, admitting that it’s time to put the bad blood behind them. Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week, the Woodstock legend says fans have been yelling at him over Twitter to “get your act together” and makeup with Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and Neil Young. “Never say never,…MORE

“Jackass” Stars Interested in Another Film

There’s a rumor flying around that the members of “Jackass” are interested in getting back together for a fourth movie. Chris Raab, former Jackass member and host of the Bathroom Break Podcast, seems to believe that the guys are ready to get together and have some fun again. “I get the feeling that everyone’s pretty interested in…MORE