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Delta flight makes emergency landing after plunging 30,000 feet

There were some tense moments in the air on a recent Delta Airlines flight. A trip from Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale on Wednesday turned scary when the plane dropped 30,000 feet during an 8 minute time span. The flight had “cabin pressure irregularity.” Flights attendants told passengers not to panic as the oxygen masks deployed.…MORE

2 Men Arrested After Storming the Wrong ‘Area 51’

If Friday, September 20th rings a bell, it’s likely because that’s the day the “Storm Area 51” event was set to take place. Although the founder of the raid has since called it off, apparently not everyone has gotten the message — or they just don’t care. A pair of YouTubers from the Netherlands tried…MORE

Airbnb guests turn home into brothel for two weeks

For travelers, Airbnb is a great way to cut down on lodging costs. For the host, you really should vet who you’re handing the keys to, as a man in New Zealand just learned. While on vacation over the summer, the unnamed homeowner listed his place on the rental site, finding two women to stay there for two weeks. But when he…MORE

Jimmy Page upset with Robert Plant comments

Robert Plant has always been vocal about not wanting to tour as Led Zeppelin again, choosing to focus on his solo work ever since the band called it quits. Recently, Jimmy Page took issue with resurfaced comments the frontman made back in 2011. At the time, Plant likened the idea of singing those old tunes today to…MORE

Here’s a good reason not to use your phone on the toilet

While it certainly beats reading the ingredients list on a bottle of shampoo, doctors really don’t recommend bringing your smartphone along while you use the toilet. All of that app scrolling and game playing only encourages people to spend more time hunched over while sitting, which can lead to hemorrhoids, Dr. Sarah Jarvis tells The Sun. But if…MORE

Man installs safe in fridge to keep fiancé from stealing his chocolate

One man has gone huge lengths to keep his fiancée from stealing his stash of chocolate bars, installing a safe inside the fridge. Incensed upon finding the lockbox, Stacey Lowe took to Facebook calling Dave Williams a few choice words and asking her friends, “Surely this is breakup material right?!” Speaking to The Sun, Lowe admits to occasionally…MORE

Rolling Stones concert getting audio and video release

If you weren’t there when the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan played Argentina back in 1998, you’ll have the chance to experience the concert in its full audio and visual glory. Coming to DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital video on November 8, the Brit rockers are putting out the April 5th show, the final performance of their five-night, sold-out run…MORE