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DoorDash driver snacks on customer’s order, still delivers it

The guy was hungry, can you blame him? A guy in Pennsylvania was surprised to find some of his delicious barbecue ribs had been eaten by the Door Dash delivery driver. Here’s Chris Payton talking about how he ordered two exact orders, but one is clearly different. According to FOX43, the person that did this is a…MORE

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Sends Boxing Match Request To Sylvester Stallone

What would happen if you placed Aerosmith Icon Steven Tyler and Rocky star Sylvester Stallone in the ring? Maybe we will find out now that Tyler has posted a video asking for a match with the 73-year-old star.   View this post on Instagram   SOMEONE CHALLENGED ME BACKSTAGE TO SEE IF I HAD WHAT IT TAKES… @officialslystallone…MORE

Sharon Osbourne Pulled Ozzy from Grammy Salute over Snub

It seemed odd earlier this year when Ozzy Osbourne was absent from the Grammys Lifetime Achievement Awards ceremony to honor Black Sabbath.  His absence from the ceremony all came down to Ozzy’s wife and manager Sharon pulling him from the ceremony over what she felt was a snub at her husband’s legendary band. Another Grammy!…MORE

Military “Ready” to Confront Alien Hunters at Area 51

So, if you’re one of the reported 1.5 million people who plan to “storm” Area 51 on September 20th you may wanna know that the United States military says they’ll be ready for you. U.S. Airforce spokesperson Laura McAndrews wants everyone to understand that Area 51 is still an open training range for the Air…MORE