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Podcast 01-17-19

Podcast 01-17-19

Great show today! We gave away a lot of stuff. In the headlines, we learned about a guy named Wang Shankin gave away his kidney for a phone. We spoiled the Masked Singer for Travis. Tone keeps rolling in trivia. We still have one more set of tickets for The Who to give away before the end of the week!


Jeopardy takes a stab at the Detroit Lions

If you’re a fan of the Detroit Lions, you know how their 2018 season is going.

They’re 4-7 and on the verge of missing the playoffs for the second straight season. Jim Caldwell lost his job after posting three winning seasons in his four seasons as head coach of the Lions.

Matt Patricia was brought in with intentions of making this team better. So far, it’s been a series of one step forward then five steps back.

Last night, the popular network game show Jeopardy decided to take it’s turn at going after the failures of the Detroit Lions.

The question was under the category, “Predictions by 2030”. I now have a question for Lions fans out there. Would you be happy if they won a Super Bowl by 2030? Do you see it happening by then?

I have a simple request. Many of you probably have had the same thought a time or two. Give me just one championship before I die.

Even that might be asking for too much.


I can even see TINY PRINT!! Thanks to Grand Rapids Ophthalmology..


Okay…I JUST went in to Grand Rapids Ophthalmology and got my second eye’s cataract surgery.  Would you believe I am typing this with NO READERS??  It is true.  I would not trust anyone else with my eyes.  I went in for an evaluation and I had the beginnings of cataracts…everyone gets them so I AM NOT OLD!  Dr. Barrett said that I would be a great candidate for Advanced Technology Lens Implants.. I walked out of there after the first one with perfect vision in that right eye.  and now that I just got the left eye done, I have perfect vision. Oh and if you want to see what my day was like yesterday at the surgery center check THAT out here.

They treat you like a Rock Star at their surgery center for a 10 minute procedure.   It’s so easy and I have officially DITCHED my glasses AND my readers.  My vision will only get better as the days progress, but really it’s so fantastic now.  I had no idea I would have such a GREAT result.

Today I go back for my post-op check up..they really do partner with you on the if it is their very own eyes.  What I am saying is they care..I have never seen, in all my years, a place that celebrates your success as much as they do.

Really I would not steer you wrong..I’s your EYES for gosh sake!  call them and see if you are a candidate..most health insurances cover the surgery.

Oh and along the way I have made some pretty great new friends.  You will not find a staff like this at any other facility.  They really do celebrate YOUR eyes!  They are the best.  CALL THEM 616 588 2711.  Tell Them Michelle sent you.


GR Opto

I CAN SEE!! Thanks to Grand Rapids Ophthalmology!

My eye sight was fading…even with my glasses.  I was seeing halos at night.  I went into Grand Rapids Ophthalmology. Turns out I had the beginning of cataracts. Did you know EVERYONE gets cataracts?   Dr.Barrett took such good care of me.  We decided that and Advanced Technology Lens implant would be the best for me.

We  set a surgery date.  I went in for surgery and the first thing they gave me was a warm blanket, frankly, it was heaven.  They explained that surgery would be quick and there was a good chance that I would be able to see both FAR and NEAR.  The surgery took about 10 minutes!  I went home and would you believe I could instantly see perfectly out of that right eye!  And…drum roll please… NO READERS! That’s the reading glasses.

That was last week.  I have been back 3 times and my vision keeps getting even better.  I never knew such a lens existed.  I am so excited now to get my left eye done this coming Wednesday!  Watch it happen Wednesday, Nov. 7 at noon on Tony Gates Mornings Facebook page!

I CAN SEE!!!!!!

Michelle McKormick Cataract Surgery



The Detroit Lions are soul suckers

I’ve been a fan of this team for a long time. The Detroit Lions have never been something that resembled a title contender in my lifetime.

The Lions haven’t won a playoff game since the 90’s. They’ve went through a string of head coaches, general managers, and team presidents since then.

Bob Quinn became the general manager of the Lions in 2016 and I began to buy in a little more. He was with the New England Patriots organization before coming to Detroit.

He was with a very successful organization for a long time and I thought he could bring those winning ways to a team, town, and fan base that deserves it.

The Lions have had two back-to-back winning seasons while Quinn has been the GM. The team has looked right on the verge of being something worth watching on Sundays.

Quinn then hired another member of the Patriots to be their head coach.

Matt Patricia came into a situation where the Lions are supposed to be contending now. They have the franchise quarterback with Matthew Stafford. They have talent on their roster to win games now.

However, after another disappointing loss, the Lions sit at 3-4 half way through the 2018 season. Their latest defeat came at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks.

Some players came out and said this team just wasn’t focused going into Sunday’s game. How in the hell do professional athletes come into a game and not be focused? On top of that, it was arguably their biggest game of the season to this point.

There was a lot of buzz around this game. Ford Field was sold out and they provided standing-room only tickets to fans. Somehow the Lions found a way to let every one down again.

They’re soul suckers. They’ve been this way for a long time and it doesn’t look it’s changing. How does a team look as good as the Lions did against Miami one week ago and then do what they did on their home field against Seattle?

I’m not a superstitious person. However, the Lions are making me one. It feels like there’s a curse around this team. No matter how much they try to change their fortune, it doesn’t seem to work.

I have some advice for Lions fans after Sunday’s self-destruction: Stop drinking the kool-aid. Quit buying tickets and merchandise. Until this organization actually can prove to be anything reputable, stop supporting them.

I could be overreacting. An optimistic person would say there’s still a long way to go this season.

I’m done being optimistic with this team.



McDonald’s is adding to their breakfast menu

According to the Tribune Media Wire, McDonald’s is adding to their classic breakfast lineup.

Many other fast food chains are coming out with new breakfast items and McDonald’s had to find a way to step up their game. They’ve added what is called the Triple Breakfast Stacks.

This a modified version of one of their staples on the breakfast menu, the egg McMuffin.

They’re combining two sausage patties, bacon, two pieces of cheese, and a round egg on an english muff bun. This looks really good. However, it looks like something that would clog an artery.

What do you think?



NFL player turns on his own team

The Seattle Seahawks are in a bit of a transition period as a team. They’ve lost a lot of the players that helped them appear in two straight Super Bowls.

Seattle was best known for their defense that inherited the nickname, “The Legion of Boom”. The last domino of that historically tough defense fell on Sunday. Earl Thomas had to be carted off the field against the Arizona Cardinals.

He wasn’t afraid to share his opinion about the way he felt while being taken off the field.

Thomas flips the bird to the sideline where his team was standing. Was it directed to head coach Pete Carroll. Thomas hasn’t been afraid about speaking negatively about the Seahawks’ organization.

Thomas held out until the beginning of September on playing as he was looking for a more favorable contract. This is not a good look for Seattle or the NFL.