Steve Aldrich



    I was surrounded by music from day one. My mother’s side of the family all played, and some were globe-hopping symphony musicians. I was forced into piano lessons at age 5, and by the time I was 10, could also play violin, bass, and drums. As little kids, we’d raid the older brothers record collections when they weren’t around, and learned all about the rock ‘n’ roll thing that way. When WLAV came along with album rock, it was rarely not on in my orbit. Late in 1977, I got a call from a small, area radio station, they’d heard I was doing radio at the student-run station at Grand Valley, WSRX, and would I like a job? I told them yes, then jumped in the car, heading out to Grand Valley, and asked them how do I do radio? As I knew a few people there, and they were pretty amused by this prank, they agreed to take me on and fast-track me for the other job, which I had 2 weeks to learn. While that job didn’t last too long (truth be told, it was horrible), it didn’t matter, as within weeks I had a paying job at ‘SRX as music director, and 2 years later, became station manager. By 1979, I was doing some fill-in at the original Fox 101, and doing large chunks of writing and photographing for their monthly newsmagazine. The Fox went country in 1981, but by then, some of my college radio crew were starting to work in town. My roommate, M. Dung, was already on LAV, and another, one Kevin Matthews, had his sights set on getting in there. When Dung and Dave Logan left, Kev and I got the call. I was brought in at first, to launch specialty shows like the long-running 50’s-60’s rock show, Music To Watch Cartoons By, the new-music, Clambake, and collaborative shows with Kev, as well as a pair with Aris Hampers.

     I stayed with LAV as long as I could, but as the 90’s hit, the station was going thru it’s dark ages. Rival station, WKLQ, agreed to take me in, and was happy for a new start. Then, as I was about to begin there, LAV was bought  by KLQ’s parent company, so I wouldn’t be that far away from it after all. I had a 15 year run there, until it’s demise in 2009. Some 7 months earlier however, I had begun doing overnites on LAV again as well, and before too long, was back in the 7-midnight slot, which seemed pretty familiar, and that’s where I remain. We’ve added the feature, Live At Nine, where we will continue to dig deep for some great concert recordings that we hope you enjoy.

     When not doing radio, I’m still actively involved in the music scene. I have been fortunate to have backed artists like the award-winning soul queen Bettye Lavette, and with Grammy-winning Tool/A Perfect Circle/Puscifer frontman, Maynard James Keenan. I can be just as happy gigging on the cramped stage of a tiny, Westside bar, as I am playing Meijer Gardens, and will work with just about anyone as long as you ask. I feel really fortunate to have been a part of the 40 year plus history of WLAV, and many thanks for listening


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