I CAN SEE!! Thanks to Grand Rapids Ophthalmology!

My eye sight was fading…even with my glasses.  I was seeing halos at night.  I went into Grand Rapids Ophthalmology. Turns out I had the beginning of cataracts. Did you know EVERYONE gets cataracts?   Dr.Barrett took such good care of me.  We decided that and Advanced Technology Lens implant would be the best for me.

We  set a surgery date.  I went in for surgery and the first thing they gave me was a warm blanket, frankly, it was heaven.  They explained that surgery would be quick and there was a good chance that I would be able to see both FAR and NEAR.  The surgery took about 10 minutes!  I went home and would you believe I could instantly see perfectly out of that right eye!  And…drum roll please… NO READERS! That’s the biggie..no reading glasses.

That was last week.  I have been back 3 times and my vision keeps getting even better.  I never knew such a lens existed.  I am so excited now to get my left eye done this coming Wednesday!  Watch it happen Wednesday, Nov. 7 at noon on Tony Gates Mornings Facebook page!

I CAN SEE!!!!!!

Michelle McKormick Cataract Surgery