I can even see TINY PRINT!! Thanks to Grand Rapids Ophthalmology..


Okay…I JUST went in to Grand Rapids Ophthalmology and got my second eye’s cataract surgery.  Would you believe I am typing this with NO READERS??  It is true.  I would not trust anyone else with my eyes.  I went in for an evaluation and I had the beginnings of cataracts…everyone gets them so I AM NOT OLD!  Dr. Barrett said that I would be a great candidate for Advanced Technology Lens Implants.. I walked out of there after the first one with perfect vision in that right eye.  and now that I just got the left eye done, I have perfect vision. Oh and if you want to see what my day was like yesterday at the surgery center check THAT out here.

They treat you like a Rock Star at their surgery center for a 10 minute procedure.   It’s so easy and I have officially DITCHED my glasses AND my readers.  My vision will only get better as the days progress, but really it’s so fantastic now.  I had no idea I would have such a GREAT result.

Today I go back for my post-op check up..they really do partner with you on the journey..as if it is their very own eyes.  What I am saying is they care..I have never seen, in all my years, a place that celebrates your success as much as they do.

Really I would not steer you wrong..I mean..it’s your EYES for gosh sake!  call them and see if you are a candidate..most health insurances cover the surgery.

Oh and along the way I have made some pretty great new friends.  You will not find a staff like this at any other facility.  They really do celebrate YOUR eyes!  They are the best.  CALL THEM 616 588 2711.  Tell Them Michelle sent you.