NYPD Used Woody Harrelson Photo to Find Lookalike Beer Thief

The NYPD is using some strange tactics in order to capture criminals. The department used a photo of Woody Harrelson to catch a beer thief that looked like the actor.

Georgetown University’s Center on Privacy and Technology says that the NYPD is using flawed practices with facial recognition.

Security footage of the thief was too pixelated so the department used a photo of Woody Harrelson to find a match, which led to an arrest.

NYPD says “no one has been arrested based on facial recognition alone and they only compare images from crime scenes to arrest photos in law enforcement records, we do not engage in mass or a random collection of facial records from NYPD camera systems, the internet, or social media.”

Do you think celebrity photos should be used if the criminal looks like a celebrity?