Neck injury forces Ozzy to postpone another tour

In what’s become as common as death and taxes, Ozzy Osbourne has postponed another tour because of a health issue.

This time around, the 70-year-old rocker has delayed his upcoming European trek due to a neck injury. “As you probably know, or may not know, at the beginning of this year I had a bad fall and screwed all of the vertebrae in my neck and had to have surgery,” Osbourne explains. “I’ve got more nuts and bolts in my neck now than my car.”

Addressing rumors that he’s getting close to meeting his maker, Osbourne adds, “I’m not dying, I am recovering. It’s just taking a little longer than everyone thought it would.”

New dates for the European leg of Osbourne’s tour, which was supposed to launch in January, have not yet been set. His trek across North America is still expected to begin in May 2020.

Is Ozzy getting too old to tour? Is his declining health obvious when he performs?