Who was the ‘True’ lead singer for Fleetwood Mac?

Fleetwood Mac has always featured a rotating lineup of lead singers.  But who was the band’s ‘true’ frontman or frontwoman?  The folks at Ultimate Classic Rock did the math.

If you guessed Stevie Nicks, you’re wrong – it’s actually Christine McVie, who sang lead on 56 Fleetwood Mac songs, followed by Lindsey Buckingham with 52.

Stevie Nicks came in third with 37 leads, followed by Peter Green, Jeremy Spencer, Bob Welch, and Danny Kirwan all with double-digit lead performances.

All told, a whopping 14 different people have sang lead on at least one Fleetwood Mac song.  The only band member who hasn’t?  Bassist Bob Brunning.

What’s the ‘definitive’ Fleetwood Mac lineup in your mind?  Are you surprised McVie topped the list?