Stevie Nicks: Virus ‘will destroy us’ if we don’t wear masks

Stevie Nicks is doing her part to keep her fans healthy.

The Fleetwood Mac singer has taken to Twitter to encourage people to become “spiritual warriors” by donning protective masks. “In order for us to get back to our former lives, we must all change into spiritual warriors,” the tweet reads. “If we don’t get ahead of this now, we will live with such guilt and regret that it will destroy us.”

As well-meaning as her comments may sound, Nicks goes on to reveal they’re not completely selfless. “I want to go back on the road,” her tweet reads. “I want to sing for you again. I want to put on these high black suede platform boots and dance for you again. I want you to forget the world and sing for me.”

Should we have gotten “ahead” of the coronavirus months ago? Are young people more likely to take the advice of musicians instead of elected officials?