Video archive reveals Tom Petty talking about lyric-writing

Tom Petty was one of the greatest lyric-writers of all time.  And some recently-unearthed audio reveals his approach to writing – and to rhyming.

In the clip, taken from a 2005 interview, Petty says he’s “gotten where I just don’t give a damn anymore” and would “rather just deal with exactly what I want to say exactly as I want to say it, and I don’t want to compromise it for a rhyme.”

At the same time, Petty admits that “Sometimes if you don’t rhyme it, it don’t feel good”.

The minute-long interview clip can be found on YouTube, taken from interviews done for the book Conversations with Tom Petty.

Do song lyrics always need to rhyme?  What’s your favorite Tom Petty lyric?  Who are some other great rock lyricists?