What does Ozzy Osbourne do when he’s not on tour?

Even Ozzy Osbourne sometimes gets really bored.

In a new documentary, the rocker’s kids describe the singer as not really having any clue what to do when he’s not on tour.

Ozzy’s son Jack recalled when he was younger, his dad just seemed “out of place” at home. “He’d pick me up from school occasionally, but I always got the feeling he was like What do I do? I’m here. This is not what I’m good at.”

The kids talked about how Ozzy would sometimes jump on Kelly’s bike and ride aimlessly around the neighborhood because he was bored.

Kelly said, being on the road was her father’s “purpose in life.”

The documentary called “Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne” is scheduled to come out in September.

Have you ever seen Ozzy live in concert?