Scientists: Old Faithful is running out of steam

The most famous geyser in the U.S. may be faithful, but apparently it’s not as dependable as once thought. After spewing water for almost 800 years, Old Faithful may be shutting down soon, researchers say.

Remnants of mineralized wood – dating back to between 1233 and 1362 — have been discovered near Old Faithful, indicating there was a drought at some point in the past. In a study published in Geophysical Research Letters, scientists say they believe another drought will come in the middle of the century, at which point the Yellowstone Park attraction will shut down.

What’s more is Old Faithful seems to be supporting the theory. In the 1950s, the geyser erupted about every 60 minutes, according to LiveScience. Today, it happens every 90 to 94 minutes.

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