Tampa couple arrested for doing the nasty while parked on busy road

Sometimes, people can’t help but to act on their urges.

Case-in-point: A Florida couple who got frisky while driving along US Highway 19 North Saturday night decided to satisfy their urges right then and there — so they pulled over and got to it, in full view of passing motorists, police say. According to the arrest report for 39-year-old Amber Gormley and 30-year-old Shawn McClelland, the incident occurred in a “busy area where all drivers could see them having intercourse.” One driver even reported seeing McClelland “on top of the female performing oral sex on her,” the report reads.

Gormley and McClelland have each been charged with lewd or lascivious exhibition, which is a felony.

What’s the riskiest place you’ve done it? Have you ever caught a couple having sex?