Bogus Jon Bon Jovi Arrested for Public Drunkenness in Ireland

Talk about giving love a bad name. Irish police have arrested a man who claimed to be Jon Bon Jovi on public intoxication charges — even though the real Jon Bon Jovi was miles away in the United States at the time.

Daniel Filip, a member of the Dublin City Council, was found half-crocked on the street, surrounded by empty beer cans, back in November, court paperwork unsealed Monday reveals. When officers asked Filip to identify himself, he replied, “Jon Bon Jovi,” the documents reveal.

On Monday, a court found the 43-year-old Filip guilty of public intoxication and providing officers with false information, according to Dublin Circuit Court officials. He’s been given a suspended sentence, prosecutors say.

Have you ever given a cop a fake name? Are you surprised to learn that public intoxication is illegal in Ireland?