Robert Plant Takes A Swipe At ‘Decrepit’ Classic Rock Bands

Robert Plant took a bit of a swipe at classic rock bands that still hit the road year after year.

In an interview with MOJO, the singer said “Most musicians form a band, then they stay in the band until it’s over – 20 years, 30 years, 50 years, whatever it is – and it starts to look sadly decrepit. It’s like people hanging onto a life raft, or staying in a comfortable place.

Plant’s old band, Led Zeppelin, hasn’t toured since 1980.  And Plant prefers to keep busy with various music projects – including a new collaboration with Allison Kraus, Raise The Roof, due out in November.

Do you think it’s ‘sad’ for legacy bands to keep touring decades later?  Or are they still capable of putting on a great show?