Tesla’s Frank Hannon Details COVID Struggle

Frank Hannon is talking about his fight with the coronavirus.

The Tesla guitarist says his recovery was difficult and revealed he woke up with a fever of 102 and could “hardly breathe” on the day the band was set to leave on tour.

He tested positive for Covid and says he couldn’t move for a week because of the pain.

Hannon also claims he “waited too long” to get vaccinated, and is now urging music fans to “come together” and help end the ongoing pandemic by getting the vaccine.

He explained, “I’ll be honest, I listened to too many opinions that weren’t qualified. That’s a big mistake that’s happening in the world today. I paid the price for it. I ended up getting it too late, too close to the tour when we were supposed to leave and I got sick.”

Do you know anyone who has changed their mind about the vaccine?  Why did they change?