West Michigan man builds homemade curling rink in backyard

The Olympics are right around the corner and a teacher from Spring Lake High School is clearly excited about it. He built a curling rink in his backyard!

WOOD TV 8 reports that Aaron Andres was originally inspired by the 2018 United States Men’s Curling team, which won the country’s first ever gold medal in the sport.

Their success led to this meme that went viral.

Although it’s not regulation size, the backyard curling rink received plenty of love from the people that make a living playing the sport.

Andres sent pictures of his finished curling rink to the members of the 2018 team, including player Matt Hamilton. He ended up giving the rink the nickname, “that’s one hot piece of ice.”

The 2022 Beijing games begin on February 4, but the curling portion of the games begin on February 2 where the United States take on Australia.