The Biggest Grossing Touring Acts of the Last 40 Years

The last 40 years have seen many great tours, but who has made the most from doing shows?

According to Pollstar, the highest-grossing touring artists of the last 40 years have been The Rolling Stones.

The Stones have earned $2.17 billion from touring alone.

The complete list can be found at, but the top 10 includes:

1)The Rolling Stones ($2.17 billion)
2)U2 ($2.13 billion)
3)Elton John ($1.75 billion)
4) Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band ($1.53 billion)
5) Madonna ($1.39 billion)
6) Celine Dion ($1.35 billion)
7) Bon Jovi ($1.33 billion)
8) Eagles ($1.31 billion)
9) Metallica ($1.22 billion)
10) Paul McCartney ($1.19 billion)