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Melissa Etheridge making in $50K a month with streaming shows

While Melissa Etheridge’s fame may have peaked some years ago, she still has plenty of faithful fans. Etheridge’s streaming shows have been bringing in more than $50,000 a month. “Etheridge TV” features weekly themed performances — such as Cover Song Tuesdays — broadcast from the singer-guitarist’s garage. Tickets for the virtual events run $10 per…MORE

Ways you can help the rock scene get back on its feet

The rock scene has taken a hit, much like all other music scenes, due to the pandemic.  Kerrang says that instead of dwelling on the negatives, there are five ways you can “help to be the change you wish to see” in the rock world. Supporting the bands that you love is a “no brainer”, with Kerrang writing that…MORE

Ozzy on the slow road to recovery

Slowly, but surely, Ozzy Osbourne is on the road to recovery after spinal surgery earlier this year. The former Black Sabbath frontman is also dealing with Parkinson’s Disease. During an interview with SiriusXm over the weekend, Ozzy said he’s about “75% there”. He also admitted he was convinced he was dying at several points post-surgery.…MORE

New ‘Smart Mask’ translates speech into eight languages

Although health officials say wearing face coverings could save lives, a robotics company in Japan has invented a mask that does a whole lot more. Created by Donut Robotics, the C-Face Smart Mask transcribes dictation, amplifies its wearer’s voice, connects to its wearer’s smart phone via Bluetooth and translates speech into eight different languages, the…MORE

Robotic pets keep oblivious seniors company

An Alabama senior care home has come up with a way to help its elderly residents deal with loneliness during the coronavirus pandemic: by supplying them with robotic pets. Crystal Crim, administrative director for the Middle Alabama Area Agency on Aging, says the mechanical animals are the perfect companions, providing company to old folks “without…MORE

Deep Purple’s sneak peek of Whoosh! songs

Deep Purple is set to release their new studio album “Whoosh!” on Friday, but the band is sharing a sneak peek of their songs. They released an “audio” video with snip-its from all 13 tracks. You can listen to about 10 minutes of preview clips. “Whoosh!” is the follow-up to Deep Purple’s 2017 album “InFinite”.…MORE

David Bowie’s spaced-out plan to relaunch Ziggy Stardust

David Bowie was a man who constantly pushed the boundaries of rock’n’roll – sometimes all the way into outer space. Apparently, sometime in the late 90’s Bowie had an idea to buy up some unused satellites and use them for a Ziggy Stardust relaunch. His idea was for Ziggy to reappear, beaming transmissions to earth…MORE

Rockers fire back at Spotify CEO

Seems like the music world wasn’t too happy about Spotify CEO Daniel Ek’s recent comments suggesting artists need to crank out more music. While you (the listener) benefit & enjoy spotify, it’s part of what’s killing a major income stream for artist/creators. The amount of artists “rich enough” to withstand this loss are about .0001%.…MORE

Lawyer says man involved in police shootout was “just not handling the pandemic well”

A Pennsylvania man who was arrested after a shootout with seven police officers was “just not handling the pandemic well”, according to his lawyer. Man fires at cops with AK-47 after refusing to wear a mask, police say — The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) August 3, 2020 On Friday, 35-year-old Adam Zaborowski pulled a gun…MORE

Game of Thrones voted the best show of the 21st Century

It may be too early to say but so far Game of Thrones has been voted the best show of the 21st century, according to Digital Spy. Fans were asked to vote on 150 shows that released new episodes after 2000. Digital Spy’s editor said, It’s not too hard to see why Game of Thrones has resonated so strongly…MORE