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Stevie Nicks wants aspiring artists to save $30,000 for rehab

Stevie Nicks is imploring up and coming artists to put away $30,000. It’s not for a rainy day fund or a down payment for a house. Nicks says the money is for rehab. Someone should have given ‘Anita’, in my novel #TheThunderGirls – this advice. ‘Save $30,000 for rehab!’ Stevie Nicks warns aspiring musicians…MORE

Californians are renting out their pools by the hour

With a recent heatwave and coronavirus closing public pools, some Californians are flexing their entrepreneurial muscles. A start-up company called Swimply lets people who own pools rent them out by the hour. One couple in Los Angeles has made nearly $7000 by allowing strangers to come to their home to use the swimming pool. As…MORE

Party Boat in NYC Busted

The captain and owners of a crowded booze cruise in New York City were arrested over the weekend for not following coronavirus social distancing mandates. At least 170 partyers were packed on the four-story river boat on Saturday. The captain and owners of a popular NYC party boat were arrested for defying coronavirus distancing mandates…MORE

Actor Wilford Brimley passes at 85

TMZ reports that actor Wilford Brimley, known for his roles in films like Cocoon and The Natural, passed Saturday while at his home in Utah.  Brimley was 85. Born in Salt Lake City in 1934, Brimley was urged to pursue his acting career by close friend and fellow actor, Robert Duvall. Brimley is also known…MORE

Champagne down a whopping $2 billion in sales

2020 hasn’t exactly had many reasons to celebrate and with the continuing pandemic forcing much smaller gatherings, France’s champagne industry has lost $2 billion in sales, according to the AP. Eat This says that since champagne sales are down by around 100 million bottles in 2020, those in the champagne industry could move towards wine-making. One champagne…MORE

Elderly woman stops to dance to AC/DC

A video making the rounds shows an elderly woman in Scotland unleashing her inner front woman while a cover band blares AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”. Grandma was minding her own business while pushing her wheelchair in front of the crowd.  As the band broke into “Highway to Hell”, she stops, starts clapping and then strikes…MORE

Will Japan fine tune the mask for eating and drinking?

Masks are going to be a part of our lives for a little while. Shouldn’t someone create a mask that would make it easier to drink while still covering our face? Japanese whiskey maker Suntory is working on one. How is Milwaukee not ahead of Japan on this? — Chris Larson (@ChrisJLarson) July 30, 2020…MORE

What does Ozzy Osbourne do when he’s not on tour?

Even Ozzy Osbourne sometimes gets really bored. In a new documentary, the rocker’s kids describe the singer as not really having any clue what to do when he’s not on tour. Ozzy’s son Jack recalled when he was younger, his dad just seemed “out of place” at home. “He’d pick me up from school occasionally, but…MORE

Elton John marks 30 years of sobriety

Elton John celebrated 30 years of sobriety with a post on Instagram. With photos featuring his husband David Furnish and their 2 sons Zachary and Elijah, as well as notes of congratulations, John expressed his gratitude.   View this post on Instagram   Reflecting on the most magical day having celebrated my 30th Sobriety Birthday.…MORE

Hotel housekeeper finds naked man in closet

Over the years, hotel staff members have found everything from bags of cash to sex toys while cleaning rooms. But workers at an Ohio Quality Inn have them all beat. They found a full-grown naked man in a closet. The man wasn’t actually in a room; he was found in a closet used to store…MORE