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47-person apartment party in New Jersey busted for violating lockdown rules

A party of 47 people in an apartment that’s just over 500-square feet in size isn’t exactly social distancing. A New Jersey man was charged with obstructing the administration of law and violating an emergency act after local police found him throwing a “corona party” in his apartment. Just so you know, the Governor is furious…MORE

Why are stores still out of toilet paper?

If you’re wondering why stores still don’t have toilet paper weeks after customers cleared shelves in an initial wave of panic shopping, finding an answer is every bit as difficult as finding toilet paper. “The ultimate question everyone wants to know is when will the store shelves be restocked,” says Eric Abercrombie, a spokesman for…MORE

Kelly Osbourne’s update on her dad’s health is very promising

Ozzy Osbourne has struggled with his health in a major way over the last year. He’s had to cancel tour dates because of a major fall in his house along with catching pneumonia. Earlier this year, Ozzy revealed that he had early stages of Parkinson’s Disease. His daughter, Kelly Osbourne, gave an uplifting message about…MORE

Guess what’s flying off shelves now: Hair Dye

When people first heard about the coronavirus, they started stocking up on hand sanitizer and toilet paper. A new week brings new restrictions. Now that hair salons are closed we have a new in-demand item-hair dye. Nielsen has released a list of most in-demand products. Under health and safety products, the most in-demand items are…MORE

Study: Americans exercising less, sleeping more during coronavirus pandemic

U.S. residents have been eating more, exercising less and spending more time sleeping since the outbreak of the coronavirus. That’s according to a new study, which was conducted by analyzing data from 160,000 fitness trackers. Conducted by Evidation Health, the study reveals the activity levels of U.S. residents is down 39 percent. In New York,…MORE

Library of 1.4 million digital books available for free during outbreak

Need something to read during the outbreak?  An archive of over 1.4 million digital books is now available for free. The non-profit Internet Archive just launched its National Emergency Library, and is suspending waitlists during the outbreak. The library, which includes everything from Shakespeare to The Hobbit to The Da Vinci Code, was opened up…MORE

Apartment complex sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to quarantined man

Despite being bound by stay-at-home orders, one Los Angeles woman found a way to make her fiance’s 30th birthday special anyway. Hannah Chung wrote out invitations to all 76 people in their complex whose apartments face theirs, asking them to stick their heads out their windows and sing “Happy Birthday” at exactly 2:30 p.m. And…MORE

Eagles postpone ‘Hotel California’ tour to September

The Eagles are moving the rest of their ‘Hotel California’ tour to September due to the coronavirus outbreak. The tour, which was put on hold after their March 6th concert in Houston, will now resume Sept. 18th in Denver and run through October 25th, with more rescheduled dates to come. The band has been performing…MORE

Dispensaries see spike in sales during pandemic

Either California lawmakers were correct in declaring marijuana dispensaries “essential” businesses, or San Diego residents are looking for new ways to kill their newfound time. Either way, the city’s pot shops are reporting an increase in sales since the coronavirus outbreak began.   The owners of San Diego’s Hi Kei dispensary say business has been…MORE