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AC/DC’s new album ‘Power Up’ starts at No. 1

AC/DC began releasing singles to their new album “Power Up” earlier this fall. Each one seemed to gain a lot of popularity. The album was released earlier this month and has started on the music charts at No. 1 behind over 100,000 copies begin sold. It just goes to show that great music can translate…MORE

Wolfgang Van Halen announces first gig with new band

Wolfgang Van Halen’s new band — Mammoth WVH — has signed on to perform their fist live gig. The quartet is set to perform at next year’s Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, California, the son of Eddie Van Halen revealed Monday. The Van Halen-fronted band will take the stage on the final night of the festival,…MORE

Bon Jovi ‘On A Night Like This’ concert film will stream for free

On a Night Like This – Bon Jovi 2020, will be released on November 27 at 6pm ET on their official Facebook page and is free to viewers. The concert documentary will focus on their recent album, ‘2020’ which was filmed in Nashville. Bon Jovi ‘On a Night Like This’ Concert Film Will Stream for Free…MORE

‘Home Alone’-themed Airbnb will be available in Texas

If you’re a big fan of Home Alone, you may want to make some plans to visit Dallas. A two-bedroom Dallas home on Airbnb is hosting a Home Alone-themed rental in January. The home has little reminders of the film franchise everywhere, from a Michael Jordan cardboard cut-out to fancy milk glasses. ‘Home Alone’-themed Airbnb in Texas…MORE

KISS aim to set pyro record for New Year’s Eve

We all have goals that we’d like to accomplish, but we’re all not Kiss. The rock band is looking to set a record with their pyrotechnics for their upcoming New Year’s Eve show. For their New Year’s Eve PPV, @kiss is looking to blow stuff up at a record-setting pace: — UltimateClassicRock (@UltClassicRock) November…MORE

Gordan Ramsay gave $50K to help MasterChef Junior’s Ben Watkins

He may seem like a gruff person on television, but Gordan Ramsay has a soft spot when it comes to contestants on MasterChef Junior. Gordon Ramsay Gave $50K to Help with MasterChef Junior’s Ben Watkins’ Cancer Treatments​ — People (@people) November 22, 2020 Ramsay reportedly once donated $50 thousand towards cancer treatment for MasterChef…MORE

Neil Peart drum kit being auctioned!

Talk about a collector’s item for Rush fans! An important piece of @rushtheband history could be yours: — UltimateClassicRock (@UltClassicRock) November 22, 2020 The drum kit drummer Neil Peart used from 1974 to 1977 will be hitting the auction block. The kit was played by Peart on stage and off between that three year…MORE

Colorado brewery delivering beer by reindeer this holiday season

Here’s one way to get your beer delivered: via reindeer! Colorado’s Breckinridge Brewery will be delivering their Christmas Ale with the help of reindeer pulling a sled. Beer and Christmas make a great pair.​ — FOX 13 Tampa Bay (@FOX13News) November 23, 2020 Only open to residents of Denver and Cascade, the brewery is…MORE

Woman who received flu shot instead of birth control awarded $10 million

A Seattle woman who became pregnant after she was accidentally given a flu shot instead of birth control has been awarded $10 million. Parents are awarded $10million settlement in ‘wrongful life’ case after nurse gave the mother a flu shot instead of birth-control — Daily Mail US (@DailyMail) November 18, 2020 In a settlement…MORE

Tampa couple arrested for doing the nasty while parked on busy road

Sometimes, people can’t help but to act on their urges. Case-in-point: A Florida couple who got frisky while driving along US Highway 19 North Saturday night decided to satisfy their urges right then and there — so they pulled over and got to it, in full view of passing motorists, police say. According to the…MORE