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Doritos giving you a chance to win $150,000

Winning $150,000 sounds nice, right? Doritos is giving you a chance to win. The famous chip brand has rolled out the ‘Crash From Home’ campaign, giving fans an opportunity to create their own commercial that will air during NFL Kickoff weekend. You must submit by July 28 to be entered in. The link is below. ‘Crash…MORE

Mike Tyson to battle Great White shark for ‘Shark Week’

Mike Tyson’s latest opponent has been chosen – and it won’t be in a boxing ring. Instead, the former heavyweight champ will take on a great white shark in Tyson Vs. Jaws: Rumble on the Reef – a tv special for the Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’. Who you got in @MikeTyson vs. Jaws? The heavyweight champ joins…MORE

Will we be getting another stimulus check?

Will U.S. citizens get a second round of stimulus checks?  Here’s where things stand with Congress: While both Democrats and Republicans agree that another coronavirus aid package is necessary, there’s still debate over what that should look like. House Democrats are calling for another $1,200 check similar to the ones sent out in April.  But the…MORE

Jon Hamm will star in ‘Fletch’ reboot

A reboot of the Fletch franchise starring Mad Men star Jon Hamm is in the works. The original movies, based on the 1970’s Fletch novels, starred Chevy Chase as an investigative reporter with a knack for disguises and alter egos. The new film will find Fletch searching for a stolen art collection and trying to prove his innocence after…MORE

The new Ford Bronco is already sold out

Well that didn’t take long – just three days after announcing it was bringing back the Ford Bronco, the new version has already sold out. All 3,500 available reservations for the 2021 Bronco First Edition were sold out as of Wednesday morning- at $100 a pop just for the reservation slot. The First Edition will…MORE

Walmart, Sam’s Club to require customers to wear masks in stores

Walmart and Sam’s Club locations will require customers to wear a face mask while shopping. Walmart made the announcement yesterday. While the majority of Walmart and Sam’s Club locations are in areas that already have a mask requirement, this will cover stores that do not have local procedures in place. Walmart and Sam’s Club will…MORE

The Beatles sell more than 1 million albums in first half of 2020

More than 50 years after they broke up, the Beatles are still the country’s most popular band. That’s according to the Nielsen Music Midyear Report, which reveals the Liverpool quartet sold more than a million albums during the first half of 2020. That puts the Beatles 326,000 units ahead of the second-place finisher, Queen. Only…MORE

AC/DC launches ‘The Story of Back in Black’ video series

AC/DC is celebrating the 40th anniversary of their Back in Black album with a new video series on YouTube.  The first episode of The Story of Back in Black focuses on the band’s song “You Shook Me All Night Long”. Back in Black has been certified platinum 22 times since its 1980 debut with the RIAA calling the fourth best-selling…MORE

Joe Elliott bashes ‘terrible’ Def Leppard biopic

Years before it became fashionable — or, more appropriately, profitable — to bring a band’s story to the silver screen, VH1 aired a 2001 biopic on Def Leppard. However, the band’s frontman is advising fans to steer clear of it, calling the made-for-TV movie “terrible.” Joe Elliott says he refuses to watch “Hysteria — the…MORE

Pub owner installs electric fence around bar to Ensure Social Distancing

The owner of a pub in the U.K. has come up with a surefire way to get customers to practice social distancing guidelines: he’s installed an electric fence around the bar. Jonny McFadden, who owns the Star Inn in Cornwall, says the “shocking” idea came to him when he was trying to figure out how…MORE