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Tony Iommi to auction Black Sabbath guitar

Here’s your opportunity to own a piece of rock history plus do some good for those fighting the coronavirus outbreak. To raise funds for the British National Health Service, Tony Iommi has put one of the guitars he played on stage with Black Sabbath up for auction.   View this post on Instagram   News of a charity auction…MORE

Grandparents attempt “Garage Door Challenge” and it goes poorly

Have you heard about one of the latest trends hitting the internet? It’s called the “Garage Door Challenge” which includes people duct taping a beer can to their automatic garage door and trying to drink the whole thing without spilling it. Well, these two grandparents decided that they wanted to give it and the result…MORE

Rare Pink Floyd, Genesis, and Grateful Dead footage found on YouTube

Tons of rare concert footage is coming to YouTube in an effort to keep us entertained during the coronavirus outbreak. The Grateful Dead will kick off “Shakedown Stream” later today with the re-airing of a show dubbed “Truckin’ Up To Buffalo” from 1989. Any donations made will go to MusiCares’ COVID-19 relief fund. Starting next Friday, Pink Floyd will…MORE

Hit-and-run suspect found tied up at scene of crime hours later

It seems like Calaveras county, California might have a vigilante on their hands. CBS 13 Sacramento reports that a man who fled after hitting a person with his vehicle was found tied to a telephone pole hours later at the crime scene. The suspect was found beaten up by local police. He’s now being charged…MORE

People in Colorado are howling together at night

Interesting times we live in. During the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen videos from Italy of people singing from their balconies at night while in quarantine. In New York, residents have been giving the medical workers a round of applause each night from their balconies. According a report, people in Colorado are howling together? Denver’s KDVR…MORE

Reporter asks about ‘Tiger King’ pardon during coronavirus taskforce briefing

The US might be in the middle of a deadly viral outbreak, but the burning question on the mind of one reporter is whether Joe Exotic would receive a pardon. During Wednesday’s White House coronavirus taskforce briefing, the President was asked if he’d commute the sentence of the famed Tiger King, who is currently serving 22-years in prison on an alleged…MORE

Millionaire crashes $750K Porsche during joyride on empty NYC streets

Finding the streets of Manhattan unclogged by taxis, delivery trucks and jaywalking pedestrians is something that almost never happens. So when the millionaire owner of a Porsche Mirage GT found that most of the city’s residents were abiding by the governor’s stay-at-home order, he decided to take his $750,000 vehicle out for a spin —…MORE

Man wearing thong underwear as coronavirus mask assaults man who mocked him

Man wearing thong underwear as coronavirus mask assaults man who mocked him

A man in Michigan wore thong underwear as a coronavirus mask. When another man insulted him, he assaulted him. Michigan man wearing thong underwear as coronavirus mask assaults man who mocked him — MLive (@MLive) April 8, 2020 The victim told police that he told the man his mask looked like underwear that had been…MORE

Denver overrun by fake cops enforcing stay-at-home order

Colorado’s coronavirus stay-at-home order has created an unusual problem for Denver authorities: they’ve received multiple reports of well-meaning citizens posing as police officers and “busting” violators. Police have received calls from people who say they were stopped by bogus officers who demanded paperwork proving they were out on “essential” business, says District Attorney George Brauchler.…MORE

Feel like we’re in a Stephen King novel? He says “sorry”

As the coronavirus crisis continues on another week, do you feel like you’re in a Stephen King novel? Well, the writer says he’s “sorry” about that. King’s 1978 novel, The Stand, centers on a fictional pandemic that takes a heavy toll on the global population. “I keep having people say, ‘Gee, it’s like we’re living in…MORE