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Rolling Stones Drummer Charlie Watts Sidelined By Surgery, Taking A Temporary Leave From Tour

Charlie Watts, famed drummer of the Rolling Stones, has pulled out of their upcoming U.S. tour after undergoing surgery. The 80-year-old’s operation was “completely successful” but the band said he needs some time to recover. JUST IN: Charlie Watts will miss The Rolling Stones’ upcoming US tour after undergoing a medical procedure. He hasn’t missed a…MORE

Wolfgang Van Halen Is Using His Dad’s Pedalboard On Tour

Wolfgang Van Halen is paying tribute to his late father in more ways than one on the current Mammoth WVH tour. He’s using his father’s old pedalboard, which Eddie Van Halen built for a 2012 gig at NYC’s Cafe Wha? because “he needed a smaller one”. Wolfgang Van Halen is using EVH’s pedalboard from 2012…MORE

New Project with Sammy Hagar was in the Works before Eddie Van Halen’s Death

Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar has revealed he and Eddie Van Halen were in discussions about reuniting when the guitarist’s October 2020 death put a kibosh on the plan. Sammy Hagar revealed that Eddie Van Halen suggested the former bandmates “make some noise” together when they reconnected a few months before Van Halen’s death:…MORE

Metallica Gives $100K Grant to Community College

Metallica’s charity, ‘All Within My Hands,’ is continuing its commitment to education and giving out grants. Eastern Iowa community college Clinton Community College was just awarded a $100 thousand grant for funding. Metallica’s charity and the American Association of Community Colleges worked together to help students directly and promote the importance of technical trades as…MORE

Journey Reunites With Deen Castronovo

Drummer Deen Castronovo is back with Journey. Band founder and guitarist Neal Schon tweeted the news earlier this week. Castronovo was with the band for 17 years before being replaced in 2015 after he was arrested and pleaded guilty to domestic violence. Journey Reunite With Deen Castronovo — 24 Hour Rock News (@24hrRock)…MORE

‘Sgt Pepper’s’ Album being Remixed for Apple Music

The Beatles’ classic “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” is being remixed for Apple Music’s Spatial Audio — again. Although a surround-sound mix of the album has been available since the feature debuted last month, producer Giles Martin says he doesn’t like it. So he’s remixing the entire album to fit the format and plans…MORE

Rock Band Invades Wendy’s Drive-Thru, Save Friend From Working Late

Some people got a side of concert with their meals recently at a Wendy’s drive-thru. Band Vella la Vella cars at a Wendy’s drive-thru to assure their buddy got to leave work on time. @vellalavellaTAG WENDYS AND FOLLOW! @wendys #rock #comedy #funny #leather #rebel #awesome #rock #rocknroll #heavymetal #metalhead #fyp #fypシ #foryou #4u #viral #fy…MORE

Steely Dan Announces ‘Absolutely Normal Tour’ This Fall

Steely Dan will be returning to the road this fall. The classic rock legends just announced the 2021 Absolutely Normal Tour, kicking off Oct. 5th with four nights in Miami and wrapping up with a three-night run in Boston in November. Tour will launch in October, just after release of two LPs: — UltimateClassicRock (@UltClassicRock)…MORE

Pizza Hut Launches New 10-Meat Decathlon Pizza In Japan

Pizza Hut Japan is feeling the Olympic spirit with its new Decathlon Pizza! Being referred to as the “King of meat-based pizza,” the pie is topped with ten kinds of meat. No, really-do you like meat? Because there’s bacon, Iberico thick-sliced bacon, aged bacon, teriyaki chicken, charcoal-grilled beef ribs, beef bulgogi, pulled pork,  rough sliced sausage, and basic pizza…MORE