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Viral: Cheaters caught at Walleye fishing contest on Lake Erie

Many reports surfaced over the weekend exposing a team of fishermen that were caught cheating during the weigh-in of their contest. It happened in Ohio at the Lake Erie Walleye Trail tournament, where videos have now gone viral exposing the cheaters. They managed to stuff several pounds of weights in the fish after they were…MORE

Ringo Starr Postpones Tour Over Health Concerns

Ringo Starr is postponing another concert over an undisclosed ailment. The former Beatle was scheduled to perform in Michigan on Saturday night, but the venue announced the show had been canceled just hours before he was set to go on. Last night’s show in Minnesota was also subsequently postponed with the venue saying, “Ringo is…MORE

Welcome to Menominee, MI – Home of backyard brawling

The Detroit Free Press first reported a backyard fight club in the small, upper peninsula town of Menominee, MI that quickly is becoming the main attraction of the area. So we did some digging. The organization is called Fight Club 2K21. Tyler Mays is the founder of the organization. They have a YouTube page with…MORE

‘Smile’ Tops Weekend Box Office

Smile has plenty to grin about – the horror thriller topped the weekend box office with $22 million in its opening weekend. Last week’s winner, Don’t Worry Darling, finished second with $7.3 million, followed by The Woman King with $7 million and the new romantic comedy Bros at $4.8 million. Rounding out the top five…MORE

Greta Van Fleet Improvises After Power Goes Out Mid-Show

Greta Van Fleet are known for bringing a powerful stage show – even when the power gets shut off, apparently. The band was performing in Boise, Idaho on Saturday when the power suddenly went out. Fans quickly lit up the arena with their cell phones, while the band improvised – since their instruments were no…MORE

‘Winnie The Pooh’ Horror Movie Debuts Bloody Trailer

The first trailer for ‘Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey’ has just dropped and the movie has turned the beloved character into a killer. The trailer shows Pooh Bear’s best friend Christopher Robin returning to The Hundred Acre Wood to introduce his old pals to his new girl. Things seem to dark and violent very…MORE

‘Cannabis Marketing’ class starts this spring at Western Michigan University

A sign of the times! 13 On Your Side reports that Western Michigan University is launching a cannabis marketing class in the 2023 spring semester. The class will get into the business side of the industry as well as the actual science behind marijuana. It was reported earlier this year that Michigan is now home…MORE

Joe Elliott Thought Grunge Would Kill Off Def Leppard

Seems like Def Leppard is bigger than ever these days – but frontman Joe Elliott says he feared the band wouldn’t survive the 90’s. In an interview with Goldmine, Elliott said he saw his “career flashing before my eyes” when grunge music broke big in 1993. Elliott figured the band’s lifespan was probably “five to…MORE

Ozzy Osbourne Says He’s Moving Back To UK Due To Gun Violence

Ozzy Osbourne says he’s leaving Los Angeles and heading back to the UK. The reason? Mass shootings. Ozzy ranted about L.A. in an interview with the Observer: “Everything’s f ridiculous there. I’m fed up with people getting killed every day. God knows how many people have been shot in school shootings.” The singer says he…MORE

Four tips ‘smart drinkers’ have for preventing hangovers

Nobody wants a hangover, so luckily there are ways to prevent them after a night of drinking. A new survey courtesy of Casa Azul Tequila Soda asked over one thousand participants to share tips on avoiding a hangover. These “smart drinkers” recommend: 1) pace yourself2) opt for low-volume alcoholic beverages3) eat before you drink4) skip…MORE