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A Very Special Memorial Day Weekend on LAV!

A Very Special Memorial Day Weekend on LAV! No matter how you’re celebrating the holiday, join LAV for a very special Memorial Day Weekend!  We’ll kick it off Saturday morning at 8am with “The Summer Kick off” hosted by BILLY IDOL (Encore broadcast: Monday at 5pm)  Saturday night we’ll debut AEROSMITH’S “The Road Starts Here” radio…MORE

Pedialyte Sells Freezer Pops To Keep Hangovers At Bay

Sure, Pedialyte is meant to rehydrate sick children, but there’s nothing that says adults who have overindulged a bit can’t reap the benefits too.   View this post on Instagram   Desperate times. Desperate measures. #pedialytepops #pedialytetotherescue #recoverme #hawaii #gottajet #ineedvitaminsea A post shared by Daphne (@jdbk24) on Apr 16, 2019 at 7:53am PDT Head over to…MORE

Clip of the Day – Tyson’s perfect getaway

Clip of the Day Mike Tyson is reportedly building a 418-acre marijuana resort in California. Michelle wants to take our listeners on a trip there but Tony questions why her out of all people want to go.MORE

Clip of the Day: A Texas-sized crank!

Clip of the Day Tony has played golf with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. He reveals something huge about Jack Lemmon after his experience of golfing with him.MORE