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Instagram influencer fakes trip with photos taken at IKEA

Don’t assume everyone on your social media feed is out there living their best life. In some cases, it’s nothing like it seems.

One Instagram influencer managed to fool her followers into thinking she was traveling through Bali. In reality, she was just at IKEA.


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Tea isn’t the only thing I drink.. 😉🥂

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There were images of popping bottles in a well laid out living room; coffee on a patio; even a bathtub glamor shot. Natalia Taylor only got busted when someone noticed the price tags.

Taking to YouTube, Taylor admits the ruse. “The point of this video is to see if you really can fake it till you make it,” she says, adding, “Don’t believe everything you see on the ‘gram.”

What other instances of “Instagram vs Reality” have you come across?

Lovebirds can get married for free — in Hell

If you’re looking to tie the knot but are a little short on cash, there’s a municipality that’s willing to perform the wedding ceremony for free. The catch? You’ve got to go to Hell.

The city of Hell, Michigan is offering free wedding ceremonies on Leap Day, February 29th. Reverend Yvonne Williams says she’ll be marrying all the couples who show up in one big, 10-minute ceremony at 2:29 p.m. The mass marriage will happen regardless of “whatever weather Michigan gives us,” she says.

“When you get married in Hell, there’s nowhere for your marriage to go but up,” Williams says.

While it might be cool to say you got married in Hell, would sharing the experience with a bunch of other couples take away from it? Did you get married in an unconventional location?

Woman plays violin while surgeons remove brain tumor

Video footage from a London hospital shows a woman playing violin while surgeons work to remove a brain tumor.

The woman, 53-year-old Dagmar Turner, was awakened by doctors partway through the surgery and told to begin playing.

The reason?  Doctors wanted to make sure they didn’t damage any part of the brain that affected her “delicate hand movements”.

Surgeons were able to remove 90 percent of the tumor and Turner still has full function in her left hand.  She’s hoping to return to her gig with the Isle of Wight Symphony Orchestra soon.

Have you ever been awake during surgery?  What was it like?

Rod Stewart reunites with The Faces

Rod Stewart reunited with his old bandmates in The Faces this week.

On Tuesday, the singer joined Kenney Jones and the Rolling Stones’s Ronnie Wood to close out The Brit Awards with a performance of “Stay With Me”.

The Faces split in 1975 and never did a full reunion tour.  Stewart, Jones, and Wood are the only surviving members.

What bands are you hoping will reunite for a final tour one day?  Do reunion tours live up to the hype or is it better to leave the past behind?

To his surprise, Jerry Lee Lewis can still play

Something amazing, miraculous even, happened when Jerry Lee Lewis hit the studio late last month. His first session in five years and his first attempt since a stroke last February left him unable to play piano.

What was thought to be a minor stoke turned into wondering if one of the leading pioneers of Rock would survive.

Rolling Stone reports Lewis didn’t want a piano in the studio – he just wanted to sing, old gospels he’d known since a child – but the producers left one anyway, just in case.

At one point he sat down, his right hand wasn’t working but he lifted it anyway, “I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe it… there I was playing piano with my right hand. I thought I would never play again.” The tracks and his playing were reportedly Killer.

Have you given up on something? Are you still working toward something? Why not try today?

Live rent free in this Italian village

Tired of paying rent towards someone else’s mortgage and homeownership seems out of your price range? Perhaps take up Stefano Farina’s offer.

The Mayor of Teora in Italy has a plan to repopulate the village, which sits at the base of Mount Cresta del Gallo not far from the Amalfi coast.

Anyone willing to live there for at least three years, and who has at least one child, can get a majority of their monthly rent covered by the government. If you’d rather, they’ll hand over a lump sum worth about a quarter of the cost of an average home.

According to CNN Travel, the houses are all in good condition. Prospective residents just need to email the village town hall to apply.

Would you pick up and move to another country if your housing was covered?  How would you spend the saved money?

Woman brings service pony on flight

The US Department of Transportation said last year that miniature horses are acceptable to ride on planes as service animals, which is good news for one Michigan woman.

Ronica Froese booked her and her mini horse companion first-class tickets to California and back last week. She says the bulkhead seats cost “an arm and a leg,” but gave Fred the space needed to travel.

Froese revealed that she had no problems clearing airport security and those on her flight were “sweet as pie” to them both.

Passengers have recently complained to the DOT about more unusual service animals, leading the federal agency to consider only allowing dogs onboard.

Which of the more unusual variety of service animal have you encountered? How do you feel about them riding on public transportation?

Sharon Osbourne says fans are behind Ozzy

With Ozzy Osbourne heading to Switzerland this April to receive treatment for his Parkinson’s diagnosis, there was no choice but to cancel his 2020 North American tour.

Fortunately, ticketholders aren’t holding any hard feelings towards the legendary rocker, according to his wife.

“I went online and I thought, ‘Oh, lord. He’s gonna get so much flak for doing this again and again and again. And those fans are behind him,” reveals Sharon Osbourne on her daytime TV show “The Talk”.

On Friday, Ozzy drops his 12th studio album and first in a decade, Ordinary Man. He does plan to keep his promotional obligations, says Blabbermouth.

Would the fans have a right to be upset? How would you react as a ticketholder?

Man busted with 70 pounds of weed, claims it’s for ‘personal use’

A man who was caught with marijuana in Indiana has been arrested on distribution charges — even though he swears the 70 pounds of weed found in his possession was for “personal use.”

New York resident Marcus Allen Molina, 26, was pulled over in Valparaiso after an officer “noticed indications of marijuana possession or consumption within the vehicle,” according to his arrest report. Molina readily admitted to having weed with him, but told the officer it was for “personal use,” the report indicates.

However, a subsequent search uncovered 70 pounds of pot, which police estimate is worth $200,000. Molina was taken to jail, and his “personal stash” was confiscated.

How do police determine how much marijuana is for “personal use?” Is it fair to charge someone as a dealer with no actual proof that they’re selling to anyone?

Will KISS bring out ex-members for its final show?

When KISS launched its ‘End Of The Road’ farewell tour last year, it did so with the current lineup and not any former members. But that might change when the tour wraps up next year.

The band’s longtime manager Doc McGhee has hinted that classic members like Ace Frehley and Peter Criss could be back for the finale, telling Pollstar “We want to celebrate everybody and we might bring out all the former members.  We’d like to.”

Currently the ‘End Of The Road’ tour is scheduled to end on July 17th, 2021 in New York City. The band is currently on a North American leg and will head to South America, Europe, and South Africa later this year.

Should KISS have brought back Frehley and Criss for the entire tour?  What’s your favorite KISS lineup?