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Michigan Woman Gets Trapped After Falling Into Outhouse Toilet

Talk about a stinky situation. A Michigan woman who dropped her Apple watch into an outhouse toilet found herself trapped after she fell in while trying to retrieve it. The troubling incident happened Tuesday in Otsego County, where the woman was using an outhouse at the Dixon Lake boat launch, according to Michigan State Troopers.…MORE

WATCH: Nick Chubb’s gruesome injury during Monday Night Football

Absolutely gruesome. Running back Nick Chubb suffered a leg injury that Joe Buck and Troy Aikman claimed they wouldn’t show on replay during the Steelers-Browns game last night. It’s safe to say he won’t be returning to the playing field for an extensive amount of time. Monday Night Football has been a horrible place for…MORE

JUST NOW: Rolling Stones release new song ‘Angry’

The Rolling Stones joined Jimmy Fallon on stage this morning to promote the release of a new song and album. Their new song ‘Angry’ was released, which is part of the upcoming album ‘Hackney Diamonds’. The new album comes out on October 20.MORE

The ‘Cheers’ Bar Is Up For Sale – Complete With Cliff And Norm

The original Cheers bar is up for auction – and it even comes with Norm and Cliff. Okay, not really – but actors George Wendt and John Ratzenberger did reunite on the set of their former sitcom, which will be auctioned off in Dallas. It’s part of a large auction of TV memorabilia from shows…MORE

Hotel Guest Wakes Up To Manager Sucking On His Toes

The night manager of a Hilton hotel in downtown Nashville, Tennessee has been charged with “aggravated burglary and assault.” According to police, the hotel guest was fast asleep in his room, when he was awakened by manager David Neal allegedly sucking his toes. Reportedly, Neal said he was in the room because he “smelled smoke…MORE