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Teen Playing Hide-And-Seek Found In Shipping Container In Another Country

A Bangladesh teenager got more than he bargained for while playing a game of hide-and-seek. The 15-year-old fell asleep while hiding inside a shipping container. He ended up locked inside and was found six days later – after the container had been shipped to Malaysia, over 2,300 miles away. The boy was alive, but needed…MORE

Dan Campbell left out of AP Coach Of The Year finalist group

Dan Campbell’s growth and maturity as a head coach in the NFL was on full display in the final 10 weeks of the season. The Detroit Lions finished the 2022 regular season with a 9-8 record after a terrible 1-6 start. Campbell’s team finished with six more wins than last year, nearly getting the final…MORE

Elton John Keeps A Lockdown Promise

Elton John has proven to be a man of his word. The “Rocket Man” legend kept a promise he made to students in England. Some of the students at Telford Priory School released a cover of John’s 1983 hit “I’m Still Standing” during covid lockdown and the icon said he was “blown away” in a…MORE

Pamela Anderson claims Tim Allen flashed her on set of Home Improvement

Pamela Anderson has a new memoir coming out titled Love, Pamela on January 31. The memoir doesn’t come without some controversy. According to Variety, Anderson discusses a time where Home Improvement star Tim Allen flashed her on the set of the show when she was 23. According to the piece in the memoir, Allen justified…MORE

Pink Floyd sends internet into spiral over new profile picture

Pink Floy recently acknowledged the 50th anniversary of their iconic album Dark Side of the Moon. The band changed their profile picture on their Facebook page…and received a very mixed response. My assumption is the negative comments above are because people are perceiving the logo as a compliment to the pride flag. However, those are…MORE

Rock albums turning 50 years old

Many iconic albums are turning 50 years old this year. “Dark Side of the Moon” from Pink Floyd Queen’s debut album “Queen” “Aladdin Sane” from David Bowie “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” from Elton John “Band on the Run” by Paul McCartney and WingsMORE

Turbulence On Hawaiian Air Flight Slammed Passengers Into Ceiling

The turbulence on Sunday’s Hawaiian Airlines flight that left 36 people injured was so bad that passengers were lifted from their seats and slammed into the ceiling. That’s the word from the passengers on the flight, which was heading from Phoenix to Honolulu. Of the 36 people who were hurt, 11 are in serious condition,…MORE

Louisiana Cops Stop Grinch From Stealing Christmas

The Grinch has been apprehended by Louisiana police. The arrest occurred Friday morning in DeRidder, where police got into the Christmas spirit by staging the stunt outside Carver Elementary School. After receiving reports of a green, furry creature stealing gifts from a Christmas drop box, police officers arrived and began chasing the suspect, later identified…MORE