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It looks like Tupperware is going out of business

All reports indicate that Tupperware could be going away very soon. The Today Show recently reported that the company hired advisors to help it’s financial structure. The report also indicates that Tupperware’s stock is in danger of being delisted. READ MORE: Anyway, here’s an old ad from Tupperware for nostalgia. You’re welcome. What other…MORE

Michelle sat in on a Q & A with Ringo Starr

Michelle has reached the height of her fame. Yesterday, she was invited to sit in on a conference Q & A with Ringo Starr and his All Star Band. Follow the link below: The mediator actually didn’t get to the question that she submitted. However, one local person was able to be part of the…MORE

The ‘Cheers’ Bar Is Up For Sale – Complete With Cliff And Norm

The original Cheers bar is up for auction – and it even comes with Norm and Cliff. Okay, not really – but actors George Wendt and John Ratzenberger did reunite on the set of their former sitcom, which will be auctioned off in Dallas. It’s part of a large auction of TV memorabilia from shows…MORE

Hotel Guest Wakes Up To Manager Sucking On His Toes

The night manager of a Hilton hotel in downtown Nashville, Tennessee has been charged with “aggravated burglary and assault.” According to police, the hotel guest was fast asleep in his room, when he was awakened by manager David Neal allegedly sucking his toes. Reportedly, Neal said he was in the room because he “smelled smoke…MORE

Your Reusable Water Bottle Is Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat?

A new study claims that your reusable water bottle could be dirtier than a toilet seat. Researchers claim reusable water bottles could contain more than 40,000 times the bacteria of an average toilet seat. Moral of the story….wash your water bottle Read Whole Story HereMORE

Travis Transformation: An update on Trav’s brain

Travis received his brain level results from the LENS neurofeedback program at Age Management of West Michigan. He’s also down around 25 pounds on the HCG weight loss program. Go see Aaron and his team for a free consultation today! MORE: