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Lindsey Buckingham sells his catalog of Fleetwood Mac, solo songs

Lindsey Buckingham is the latest artist to sell off catalogs of music. The deal with Hipgnosis would mean that the company has received 100% of Buckingham’s catalog. This does include music released with Fleetwood Mac. Hipgnosis also acquired 50% of Buckingham’s unreleased music. Lindsey Buckingham sells his publishing rights, including Fleetwood Mac hits…MORE

Burger King selling sundae jam-packed with fries

Burger King has been known to try different things. They were selling tacos at one point and now…sundaes stuffed with french fries. The product is being sold at their locations in SINGAPORE so it’s not available in the United States yet. The sundae is loaded with fries in the bottom and then topped with vanilla…MORE

The Tony Gates Morning Show and Impact Powersports ATV Giveaway!

The Tony Gates Morning Show & Impact Power Sports ATV Giveaway  The Tony Gates Morning Show & Impact Powersports are giving you a chance to not only have a Classic Christmas but one that will have a big Impact! We’ve got 2 ATV’s to giveaway for Christmas from Impact Power Sports! 1 for a child aged…MORE

Classic Rock 97LAV celebrates the 50th anniversary of The Doors “Morrison Hotel” with your chance to win the 50th anniversary Deluxe Edition

Classic Rock 97LAV celebrates the 50th anniversary of The Doors “Morrison Hotel” with your chance to win the 50th anniversary Deluxe Edition Digital Download!  Winners will download all 30 songs from 50th anniversary edition including 19 previously unreleased outtakes!  Listen to the Tony Gates Morning Show starting Monday (10/26) for your chance to win!  Giveaways courtesy of RHINO…MORE

Angus Young says there’s a stockpile of AC/DC songs

If you’re wondering if AC/DC are ever going to run out of material, Angus Young can confirm that they are not. On the Let There Be Talk podcast, Young revealed that there is a stockpile of material. Some of the material even dates back more than a decade.“A lot of these songs came from when…MORE

Celebration Cinema Theatres Will be Reopening in Coming Weeks!

Celebration Cinema Theatres Prepare to Open! Following more than six months of closure, Celebration Cinema theatres are preparing to turn on the lights, heat up the popcorn poppers and open their doors. The company will gradually reopen theatres beginning October 9th, as staffing is ramped back up and increasing numbers of new movies become available…MORE

Could this be the end of Sizzler?

Say it ain’t so. Sizzler has declared bankruptcy. The famous steakhouse chain says coronavirus is to blame. A spokesperson for Sizzler says the pandemic has absolutely crushed their business. Sizzler started more than 60 years ago in Orange County,California selling inexpensive steaks and a buffet format. Do you remember the first time you ate at a…MORE

Carvana owners made $5 billion Tuesday

While the coronavirus pandemic has devastated some industries, others have benefited as COVID-19 alters consumer spending. As even more shopping is done online – and buyers opt for used cars over new – Carvana, was well positioned. The Phoenix-based company sells used cars online out of giant vending machines. Bloomberg reports Carvana stock surged 31%…MORE

LAV Rock-N-Bowl Fall 2020

LAV R-n-Bowl Fall 2020 Rock-n-Bowl to an awesome classic rock soundtrack PLUS win cash & prizes each week with your host, Rob Brandt. The State’s restrictions on Bowling have been lifted with new rules! The LAV 20-20 WINTER Rock-n-Bowl League is signing up mixed teams for our Monday September 28th start at PARK CENTER LANES…MORE

David Bowie’s spaced-out plan to relaunch Ziggy Stardust

David Bowie was a man who constantly pushed the boundaries of rock’n’roll – sometimes all the way into outer space. Apparently, sometime in the late 90’s Bowie had an idea to buy up some unused satellites and use them for a Ziggy Stardust relaunch. His idea was for Ziggy to reappear, beaming transmissions to earth…MORE