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Music industry will support protests with ‘Black Out Tuesday’

A large segment of the music industry will be showing their support for the ongoing protests by going dark tomorrow. Several major record labels including Atlantic, Warner, Universal, Columbia, Sony, and Interscope Geffen announced they would participate in Black Out Tuesday, a day to “disconnect from work and reconnect with our community”.   View this…MORE

Man uses his savings to buy gas for Detroit nurses

A picture of a Detroit man holding a sign reading “free gas for nurses” has gone viral. Marshall Allen held up the sign last Wednesday and Thursday at a gas station near the Detroit Medical Center.  Allen told WDIV-TV that he was using the only $900 he had in savings “to thank the essential workers…MORE

Toilet paper truck crashes, burns, load rolls across road

What would be more upsetting right now? Watching someone light a $100 bill on fire or watching a roll of toilet paper burn? How about a truck load of TP? It happened Wednesday morning – shutting down westbound lanes of I-20, near I-45, in Hutchins, Texas. The San Antonio bound big rig from ‘Bama crashed and caught…MORE

Mike Tyson says he was ‘Foolish’ to own Tigers

Like many of us, Mike Tyson binge-watched the Netflix series Tiger King last month – and now says he regrets keeping tigers of his own. During an Instagram Live chat with rapper Fat Joe, Tyson said he was “foolish” to own two tigers and think he could contral them, adding “They’ll kill you by accident”. Tyson briefly…MORE

Enjoy daily performances by Grand Rapids Symphony musicians

The Grand Rapids Symphony is posting video performances online because we need ‘music more than ever’. Though the concert halls are empty, the musicians of the Grand Rapids Symphony will not be silenced. You can enjoy daily performances by the musicians of the Grand Rapids Symphony with a new performance on their Facebook page each…MORE

The new Foo Fighters album could very well be haunted

The Foo Fighters recently finished recording their 10th studio album – and apperently had to deal with ghosts haunting the studio. In an interview with Mojo, frontman Dave Grohl said the album was recorded in a house in Encino, CA where “the vibes were definitely off”. He says they’d come in to find detuned guitars, board settings…MORE

Gene Simmons’ wild approach to Coronavirus

Gene Simmons has some advice for how to approach the coronavirus outbreak: “assume everybody out there is a zombie”. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the KISS co-founder says we should assume “one contact will turn you into a zombie.  Stop hanging out with everybody.  Stay at home, if you can.” However, Simmons encouraged fans…MORE

Universal making movies available in home

Due to the fact that theaters across the country are shutting down due to the coronavirus, NBCUniversal will be making some of their current films available for you to view at home. Films like The Invisible Man, The Hunt, and Emma will be available to rent for 48 hours this Friday for $19.99. The film Trolls: World Tour, which was…MORE

You know it’s rough when the 24-hour Walmart isn’t open

Even the one store that’s open on Thanksgiving is cutting business hours over COVID-19 concerns.  All 24-hour Walmarts are only going to be open from 6am-11pm until further notice. Any store that’s open until midnight will close their doors early. Walmart stores that usually close at 10pm won’t be affected by the COVID-19 closure. In…MORE