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David Bowie’s spaced-out plan to relaunch Ziggy Stardust

David Bowie was a man who constantly pushed the boundaries of rock’n’roll – sometimes all the way into outer space. Apparently, sometime in the late 90’s Bowie had an idea to buy up some unused satellites and use them for a Ziggy Stardust relaunch. His idea was for Ziggy to reappear, beaming transmissions to earth…MORE

Game of Thrones voted the best show of the 21st Century

It may be too early to say but so far Game of Thrones has been voted the best show of the 21st century, according to Digital Spy. Fans were asked to vote on 150 shows that released new episodes after 2000. Digital Spy’s editor said, It’s not too hard to see why Game of Thrones has resonated so strongly…MORE

Celebration Cinema Studio Park is Launching Fun New Outdoor Events

Exciting news for movie and music lovers!! Celebration Cinema (Studio Park) just launched Sunset Cinema! The Piazza will be showing movies on Wednesday nights. You’ll have your own section of the lawn in the Studio Park piazza, perfect for social distancing and enjoying good movies!  There are also kid friendly movie options that will be…MORE

Skydiver loses prosthetic leg, farmer finds it in a soybean field

A Vermont man has been reunited with his prosthetic leg after losing it while skydiving. Chris Marckres, a double amputee, lost one of his legs on Saturday after jumping from a plane. Fortunately, it was found by a local farmer, who spotted the leg in a soybean field the next day. A Vermont skydiver is…MORE

‘9 Lives of Ozzy Osbourne’ set to debut on A&E

At long last, Ozzy Osbourne’s secret to his longevity has been revealed: he has nine lives. At least that’s according to the title of an upcoming A&E documentary on the legendary headbanger. The TV special, called “Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne,” will feature interviews with Marilyn Manson, Rick Rubin, Post Malone, Rob Zombie, …MORE

AC DC “Back in Black” 40th Anniversary

AC/DC Back In Black 40th Anniversary Classic Rock 97LAV Celebrates the celebrates the 40th anniversary of AC DC “Back in Black”   Listen to The Tony Gates Morning Show for your chance to win a digital download of the album! Offical Contest Rules Here Back in Black Album Facts Recording Like their previous album, 1979’s…MORE

Music industry will support protests with ‘Black Out Tuesday’

A large segment of the music industry will be showing their support for the ongoing protests by going dark tomorrow. Several major record labels including Atlantic, Warner, Universal, Columbia, Sony, and Interscope Geffen announced they would participate in Black Out Tuesday, a day to “disconnect from work and reconnect with our community”.   View this…MORE

Man uses his savings to buy gas for Detroit nurses

A picture of a Detroit man holding a sign reading “free gas for nurses” has gone viral. Marshall Allen held up the sign last Wednesday and Thursday at a gas station near the Detroit Medical Center.  Allen told WDIV-TV that he was using the only $900 he had in savings “to thank the essential workers…MORE

Toilet paper truck crashes, burns, load rolls across road

What would be more upsetting right now? Watching someone light a $100 bill on fire or watching a roll of toilet paper burn? How about a truck load of TP? It happened Wednesday morning – shutting down westbound lanes of I-20, near I-45, in Hutchins, Texas. The San Antonio bound big rig from ‘Bama crashed and caught…MORE

Mike Tyson says he was ‘Foolish’ to own Tigers

Like many of us, Mike Tyson binge-watched the Netflix series Tiger King last month – and now says he regrets keeping tigers of his own. During an Instagram Live chat with rapper Fat Joe, Tyson said he was “foolish” to own two tigers and think he could contral them, adding “They’ll kill you by accident”. Tyson briefly…MORE