Gronk Calls Super Bowl Victory one of the ‘Greatest in Sports History’

Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl victory was “one of the greatest accomplishments in sports history,” according to Rob Gronkowski.

The 31-year-old tight end, who came out of retirement to rejoin his former Patriots teammate Tom Brady, says there was something magical about Sunday’s win that he’s never experienced before. “To come down here to Tampa, to come to an organization that was ready to win, come down here with the players — they’re all fantastic players, great guys, just everyone overall,” Gronk says. “I mean, the story is just unbelievable. It definitely ranks up there as one of my biggest accomplishments ever.”

Gronkowski, who’s now a free agent, says he plans on returning next year – hopefully in a Buccaneers uniform.

How important was Gronk to the Buccaneers’ victory on Sunday? Does he make Brady a better quarterback?