Proposed law would allow colleges to sell alcohol at sporting events

This feels long overdue.

13 On Your Side is reporting that a new Legislation introduced would allow colleges and universities in the state of Michigan to sell alcohol on campus during athletic events.

Before anyone gets upset, understand one thing. College athletics, specifically football and men’s basketball, draw in billions of dollars a year in revenue. It’s a business.

That’s why NIL deals are becoming such a factor in recruiting and why schools are forming mega-conferences to create deals with TV networks to make even more money.

Yes. It’s all about the money and that will never change. Just because ‘college’ is attached to it doesn’t mean it needs to be held to a higher standard.

And let’s be honest, this is great for schools not named Michigan and Michigan State right here in our backyard.

I remember going to Kelly Shorts Stadium for football games when I still attended Central Michigan and students would leave at halftime because their buzz was wearing off.

You can drink and party in the parking lot behind the stadium but can’t buy a beer in the stadium. It made no sense.

Schools like Central and Western Michigan don’t generate the same kind of revenue that the University of Michigan does. This gives the smaller universities another outlet to do so.

While I see the potential risks with this law coming into place, I think the positives definitely outweigh it.