Turbulence On Hawaiian Air Flight Slammed Passengers Into Ceiling

The turbulence on Sunday’s Hawaiian Airlines flight that left 36 people injured was so bad that passengers were lifted from their seats and slammed into the ceiling.

That’s the word from the passengers on the flight, which was heading from Phoenix to Honolulu. Of the 36 people who were hurt, 11 are in serious condition, officials say. “It was just rocky,” says passenger Jacie Hayata Ano, who was flying home. “And then, it quickly just escalated to the point where we’re shaking so much that we were pretty much like floating off of our chairs.” Another passenger, Kaylee Reyes, says her mother “flew up and hit the ceiling.”

Jim Ireland, a spokesman for Hawaiian Airlines, says he’s glad more of the plane’s 300 passengers weren’t injured — or worse. “We are very happy, and we feel fortunate, that there were not any deaths or other critical injuries,” he says. “And we’re also very hopeful that all will make a full recovery.”